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Modern Work Andworx Delivers Unified Communications with Microsoft Teams Phone for 100,000+ User Agency
Unified Communications
Capabilities & Technologies
  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Power Platform
  • Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Microsoft Teams Phone System

The COVID-19 pandemic introduced many technology challenges to the work environment and forced organizations to pivot from a more traditional “office-only” work model to either “remote-only” or a “hybrid” work model.  As a result, organizations had to determine how to maintain employee productivity while providing their employees with the tools they need to work in the new “modern work” environment. To accomplish this, organizations had to re-evaluate previous technology investments and determine how to either enhance those investments and/or transition to a more modern solution.  Andworx played a key role in in guiding a large global Government Agency to tackle this problem head-on with a focus on addressing two major technical challenges:

  1. Unified Communication/Collaboration: On-premises telephony solutions providing voice calling, voicemail, conferencing was rendered useless.  Connecting and collaborating with internal and external global stakeholders was increasingly more difficult. 
  2. Cloud Adoption: Accelerating and/or enhancing existing Infrastructure, Platform, Software, and Unified Communication “as-a-Service” (UCaaS) cloud solutions to support the modern work environment and mission needs of the Government Agency.

Andworx helped the Government Agency with identifying, evaluating, and deploying a UCaaS solution that would reconnect the workforce and transform voice communication services on a modernized cloud-enabled platform. Andworx worked in a task force that included the Government Agency and other industry partners to conduct a technology market analysis to include evaluating Agency technology investments. From the analysis, it was determined that the best course of action was to leverage an existing agency investment in Microsoft 365 and to extend the UCaaS capabilities of Microsoft Teams via the Microsoft Teams Phone System. To implement Teams Phone Sytem, Andworx lead following:

1 — Voice Features/Functionality Requirements

  • Identifying required voice features (e.g., inbound/outbound calling, local/long distance calling, voicemail, conferencing)
  • Identifying user hardware and software requirements (e.g., desktops, laptops, mobile phones, headsets, desk phones)

2 — User Data Collection

  • Determining number of users and usernames
  • Identifying location of users for emergency calling for federal compliance purposes
  • Documenting global locations to determine Teams Phone System implementation strategy – Calling Plans or Direct Route.
  • Building and deploying a Power App to facilitate a centralized collection of usernames and locations.

3 — Microsoft 365 Licensing

  • Determining and procuring Microsoft 365 Licenses required to provide the required voice features and functionality.

4 — Network Infrastructure and Hardware

  • Evaluating network bandwidth for voice and video calls from Federal Agency office locations.
  • Configuring Quality of Service (QoS) to ensure call quality. 
  • Determine use and quantity of desk phones and/or USB headsets.

5 — Calling Policies and Dial Plans

  • Evaluating and determining call policies for voice features available to users. 
  • Determining phone number strategy – acquire new or port existing.
  • Identifying dial plans, emergency dialing, call, and voice route rules

6 — Communications and Training

  • Developing a central SharePoint landing Page to communicate Teams Phone System services.
  • Creating Quick Reference Guides (QRGs) and Videos to educate the user population.

Andworx was able to successfully lead the delivery of a modern work solution for the Government Agency by extending the capabilities offered by Microsoft Teams and enabling the Teams Phone System offering. The benefits of this solution include a streamlined communications suite on a single platform (voice, video, chat, collaboration), the ability for users to make and receive phone calls to internal and external parties anytime, anywhere on any device with the Teams application, simplification and scaling deployment of voice capabilities to a global user population by using cloud-based Microsoft 365 toolsets, and positioning an opportunity to realign technology investments by consolidating legacy on-premises voice services to a cloud-based UCaaS solution integrated with Microsoft 365.

Connectivity Single Unified Platform for Worldwide Voice, Video, Chat, Collaboration
Innovation Simple Provisioning Using a Common UCaaS Toolset
Accessibility Voice Access Anytime, Anywhere on Any Device