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Andworx gets things done! We are a collaborative team of growth-minded digital transformation experts and IT professionals.

Andworx team at Muddy Dash
Who We Are

We ignite the enthusiasm of our customers by delivering innovative, creative, and high-quality solutions, with exceptional customer service.

We are a team of life-long learners who enjoy excelling, coaching, and mentoring. Together we celebrate our achievements and learn from our challenges as we grow through each experience as a team.

Meet The Team Our people bring creativity, energy and initiative, and are essential for us to deliver innovative, quality services and solutions to our customers.
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Peter Balazy
Peter Balazy
President &
Chief Executive Officer

Mitch Salopek
Mitch Salopek

Technology Solutions

Jason Cowles
Jason Cowles
Growth & Delivery

Carol Kroeger
Carol Kroeger

People & Culture

Jonathan Hoskote
Jonathan Hoskote

Account Manager
Sabrina Wine
Sabrina Wine

Operations Manager
Andworx Office Tree

Culture is Everything

Our company culture centers around our people — we value diversity, independent thinking, and a constant hunger to learn new things. We are growth-minded and operate with an agile mindset. We strive to cultivate a company culture that empowers, innovates, and contributes to our community.

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Andworx Team
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GSA MAS (Multiple Award Schedule)

54151S Information Technology Professional IT Services

541611 Management and Financial Consulting, Acquisition and Grants Management Support, and Business Program and Project Management Services

OLM Order-Level Materials (OLM) OLMs

Maryland CATS+ (Consulting and Technical Services+)

Functional Areas: Area 10 (IT Management Consulting Services); Area 11 (Business Process Consulting Services)


We are partnered with prime contractors on various contract vehicles to provide services to customers.

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