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IT Services 
& Strategy Andworx Leading IT Transformation and Modernization within DOD
Information Technology
Capabilities & Technologies
  • Cloud Engineering
  • IT Modernization
  • Microsoft Power Platform
  • Security & Risk Management
  • Systems Integration & Operations
  • Training & End-User Support

Andworx is responsible for supporting a component within the DOD who aids communities across all 50 states and U.S. territories with technical and financial assistance with the goal of strengthening critical relationships with DoD assets and installations and furthering the collaboration necessary to sustain DoD personnel and facilities at the local level.  To support the technical component, Andworx delivers a full range of enterprise-wide IT services in support of CIO-driven transformational initiatives that present challenges in the areas of: 

  1. Business Process Improvement 
  2. Cloud Optimization 
  3. IT Security 

To address these challenges, Andworx provides the technical, functional, and managerial expertise to support CIO program initiatives, offering full lifecycle application development and IT O&M support from the design, implementation, and optimization of IT systems such as Azure Cloud Services, the M365 tenant, and AWS infrastructure, to the development and deployment of low code/no code applications and executive level dashboards on the Microsoft Power Platform.  From an enterprise perspective down to user-facing services, our support includes assisting in the oversight of information security practices to development and maintain programs to help the department meet its information security objectives as well as providing virtual and on-site end user support for both the Headquarter (HQ) and Regional Offices covering a wide range of desktop hardware, software, and common IT services. 


Since 2022, Andworx has made improvements in the areas of business process, cloud optimization, and IT security. In the areas of business process and cloud optimization, Andworx has improved both internal and external customer facing solutions as it relates to the financial grant management. From an internal perspective, Andworx helped improved the ability to track financial grants through the entire project lifecycle using the M365 capabilities of Power BI. We delivered a Financial Grants Lifecycle Dashboard, which enables an “at-a-glance” visibility into compliance status for each grant throughout the grant lifecycle. From an external perspective, our Andworx Engineering team has led multiple efforts to modernize and secure the AWS cloud infrastructure, allowing for quick adoption of new and improved customer facing grants features while minimizing downtime through the implementation of a multi-tiered deployment environment. As a result, Andworx helped to significantly reduce the LOE for the compliance teams supporting grants management activities. The teams are now able to prioritize remediation for overdue activities by individual grant as well as spend their time more effectively on focused oversight, overall compliance, and project/program management, while also providing better visibility to senior leadership.

Additionally, utilizing M365 solutions such as SharePoint, Power Automate; and Autoloader Andworx has have improved critical business processes such as annual competitive grants ingest and transitioning from a from a labor-intensive, manual process to an automated run with 100% accuracy and minimum technical debt.

From an IT Security perspective, Andworx successfully led two significant cyber audits that positioned the CIO to be the only FY23 component to receive 100% compliance and the highest reported audit score. The scores achieved allow the organization time to focus on critical IT initiatives to help with the agency’s mission rather than to allocate resources in preparation for additional inspections.