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Data & AI Andworx Enhances Data Analytics and Reporting using Microsoft Power Platform for Federal Agency
Capabilities & Technologies
  • Blackboard Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Power Platform
  • Power Apps
  • Power Automate
  • Power BI

Andworx is responsible for uniting federal employees and their stakeholders with analytics through visual storytelling within a large Federal Agency. Andworx Power BI Developers construct dashboards and reports, as well as tools to assist in the consolidation of data, which enable Agency leadership and decision makers to analyze critical training metrics for stakeholders supporting the Agency. Maintaining the platform for each dashboard and tool present several challenges that include:

  1. Constantly changing Data used for Power BI reports is constantly changing
  2. Decentralized reporting
  3. Data quality and frequency of reporting
  4. Insight into customer feedback
  5. Data collection 
  6. Loss of productivity from time consuming tasks and intervention

Andworx goal was to enhance data collection, analytics, and reporting to help improve data-driven decisions. Leveraging the Microsoft ecosystem of Microsoft Power Platform tools, Andworx set to improve data access and quality by implementing the following:

  1. The Andworx team utilized the Power BI Data Expression Language (DAX) formulas to flag data quality issues, ensuring accuracy in reporting and data visualizations as well as creating and following quality assurance checklists to standardize the process of each refresh cycle for the dashboards, in turn, ensuring accurate data display. 
  2. Andworx utilizes Power BI to consolidate multiple reports into one, unified report to create a data-driven single pane of glass to measure the effectiveness of telehealth training based on learner feedback and evaluation scores. This report provides improved insights by exposing greater metrics based on the consolidated data. 
  3. Andworx implemented a quality assurance checklist for use during data refresh periods to ensure data quality and accuracy as well as standardizing the process to allow for monthly (vs the previous quarterly) dashboard refresh. 
  4. Through improving the dashboard refresh process by creating logic to automatically categorize learner’s open-ended feedback, Andworx has eliminating the need for the manual free response review process and have improved the insights and visuals within the dashboard by utilizing complex DAX expressions. 
  5. The Andworx teams leverage Power Apps to create user-friendly and interactive applications to centralize data collection for the Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Connected Care learning activities. 
  6. Andworx makes use of Power Automate HTTP actions to connect diverse services and systems to remove time consuming and tedious tasks from stakeholders through cloud automation. 

Through the use of the Microsoft ecosystem and Microsoft Power Platform, Andworx built easy to understand dashboards with key data, easy-to-maintain automated processes, and functional applications for data entry and data review.  The dashboards built included:

  • Usage Dashboard – Providing a comprehensive understanding of how Federal Agency users interact with and utilize learning management system. The Federal Agency relies on this dashboard and its visualizations to understand the utilization and completion of training courses and to gather metrics on usage by facilities.
  • QT Projects Dashboard – Displaying the status of the various projects over time, to include the status of tickets submitted to the Help Desk, and the ability to review high-level metrics on high priority courses.
  • Visualization Dashboard – Visualizing benchmark data on courses taken by Agency members and providing comprehensive details on which courses are meeting or not meeting the test score benchmarks. This data is utilized to identify solutions for courses which do not meet the benchmark score.
  • Offerings Dashboard/Preceptor Dashboard – Showing course completion data, evaluation metrics, and learner feedback by specific activity types, job titles, location, and date ranges using data extracted from Blackboard.  This allows activity content creators to adjust activity difficulty-levels based on learners’ performance and feedback.
Stories Comprehensive Dashboards that Identify Training Data Relationships
Decisions At-a-Glance Views to Help Content Creators Adjust Training Material
Transparency Enhanced Data to Understand Learning Metrics & Benchmarks

As a result of these dashboards, the Federal Agency now has access to quicker, more reliable data enabling leadership to make improved data driven decisions, greater categorization, and feedback of student data, to include greater analytics of free response data, and improved data collection a reduction in repeatable tasks.