What we do

We work in areas that are critical in establishing a sustainable business model that can adapt to change and embrace innovation. We are looking to make a difference by combining high-performance services and solutions with agility and trust.

About Andworx

Andworx is a consulting company providing services and solutions that bring value driven results to government and healthcare customers.

Based in Falls Church, Virginia, Andworx is agile, responsive, and values people and performance to positively impact the mission of our customers and our community.

Innovation. Integration. Business Simplification.

We provide technology services to solve problems and enable organizations to succeed.  Andworx services include:
  • Agile Software Development
  • Enterprise IT
  • Data Management
  • Advisory & Consulting Services
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We bring to customers innovative solutions, and partner with industry leading vendors.  The solutions we provide include:
  • Hospital IoT Platform
  • Hospital Logistics

Andworx [‘and-wurx] – Derived from the Old English andwyrde that means “to answer” and works that means “a craft.”

Our company name is Andworx because through our analyses and studies our craft is to help our clients find answers to the salient business and technology questions underlying their business viability and growth​.


Manage hospital service tasks with Columna Flow

Columna Flow responds to challenges in modern hospitals by digitizing task management and enabling just-in-time logistics through data analytics and an Internet of Things (IoT) platform. The software solution is based on international standards and open architecture, making it ideal for integration into – and interaction with – other IT systems. Andworx is an Authorized…

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Andwyrde is now Andworx

We are excited to announce that Andwyrde, LLC is changing its company name to Andworx, LLC effective August 26, 2019. Our new company name, Andworx, has been chosen to better reflect our focus on innovation and integration, and frankly it’s easier to pronounce than Andwyrde.

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